Workshops + Conferences

Professionals within medicine and allied health fields have begun to reach out to those in the design professions to ask for additional knowledge of the impact of architecture on their practice, and to acquire understanding of the design process itself.  While multiple groups and organizations focus on healthcare and healthful design, our mission is to create networks whereby clinicians can efficiently share their insights of emerging technologies and practices that are increasingly transforming health & care delivery, provider wellbeing and enhancing patient care.



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Clinicians for Design Forum

13 June 2017, Royal College of Physicians, London, UK

An invitation-only forum brings together clinicians with direct experience and expressed interest in transforming environments that enrich the healthcare interface. With a vision to enrich the healthcare experience, the workshop will discuss innovations and systems that may inform design guidelines and policies.

An afternoon session during the European Healthcare Design Congress will include presentations by clinicians and experts that include the NHS Future Hospital Programme. This session is open to registrants of the European Healthcare Design Congress.

Contact us for further information if you or colleagues may be interested in participating in Clinicians for Design.


European Healthcare Design Congress

11-14 June 2017, Royal College of Physicians, London UK

The European Healthcare Design Congress attracts 400 leading international researchers, policy advisors and practitioners from across the spectrum of both healthcare and design disciplines to share knowledge on the design of healthcare systems, services, technologies and environments. This year’s theme is Designing for change in people-centred health systems.